Santosh Panicker

Santosh Panicker

CEO, Scrumstart.


Mr. Santosh Panicker current CEO of Scrumstart.

Completed his post-graduation in Personnel Management & Labour Laws from Ahmednagar and started off his career as a trainee in the manufacturing industry with an Indo-Israeli company namely Finolex

Plastro Plasson in 1995 . During his earlier years, Mr. Panicker was exposed to intense IR situations including strikes, lockouts and slowdowns etc. In spite of these many challenges faced,

Mr. Panicker proved his compassion and leadership qualities by successfully managing Unions & the bureaucracy that influences unions and organizations.

He also successfully managed to sign 3 Cost Neutral Wage Settlements. With such a challenging start to his career path, Mr. Santosh Panicker has successfully made his way through and established himself as an inspirational leader and a passionate CEO in the corporate world.

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